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Origen: E.E.U.U, Nueva York
Formados: 2010
Estilo: Black
Temática: Tristeza
Enlaces: Bandcamp y twitter
  • JC  Batería
  • Mike Batería
  • SS Guitarra
  • Will Skarstad Guitarra y voces

  • Silence Threads the Evening's Cloth CD 2011   
  • Yellow Eyes / Monvment Split 2012   
  • Hammer of Night CD 2013   
  • The Desert Mourns EP 2014
  • Stillicide EP 2014
  • Sick with Bloom CD 2015
  • Immersion Trench Reverie CD 2017
En este su segunda larga duración de los estadounidenses Yellow Eyes incorporan elementos de otros géneros musicales a su black metal de vertiente emocional. De un tiempo a esta parte el black se va mezclando con otros géneros musical con mayor o menor gusto por parte del oyente, bien es cierto que un semillero importante de esta escena son la bandas procedente de E.E. U.U. con Krallice por ejemplo como elemento más reconocible. La música se mueve por terrenos de la evolución y la progresión, ajenos a estructuras clásicas, la intención es montar todo el sonido de guitarra, batería y voz, para crear un muro de sonido infranqueable para transmitir sensaciones de desesperación y agobio. Sin embargo se las arreglan para sonar diferentes, aunque se puedan encuadrar en un primer momento en la escena experimental dentro del black, aportan suficiente variaciones y sutiles cambios para presentarse como un pequeño soplo de aire freco en el género y acabar por quedar atrapado en su música. Los de Nueva York salen a álbum por año y algo tienen que lo hacen especiales, saben lo que tienen entre manos, no es sencillo lo que intentan y menos salir airosos. Un álbum para seguidores de la vertiente más experimental del black, de gusto por el sludge, el post de alto calibre. (7,9).

1. Light Has Fallen 06:17
 in the length of daylight's strip
territories long and grey
downward through the valley
lie the shards of lighted gloom

light has fallen

but it cannot grip the pastures
and its shores grow blue

the sun is leaving me here
the foam of dark waves on the soil
run toward the pink sky

for there are deep pools here
where founts of cold reside

light has fallen

waist-deep in the pasture
and against my burning legs
brushes the first smooth black fish 
2. In This Stillness 06:55  
 holes in the cloth
seeds and grain fall from my sides
in the gloom my eyes
are black stones
but how they yawn for light

when silence grips its knuckles white
i hear gasping all around

nobody finds his treasure safe
in this stillness
the wider field
where a carcass glows
the wider field
is darker than the sky

on the wide crystal chandelier
with its jewels hanging upwards
toward the air

each one a world i do not spoil
a crushing beast with pity's stare
will charge at me until i am found
3. Many Long Fingers Bent in Pain 06:16
my moving form makes ugly knots in the wind many long fingers bent in pain the meadow, slick and sewn with frost, ruined as my footsteps crush webs into the marble i curse myself and the warm steam curls the moon's gaze is broken as i pass and my shadow starves the moss of light a sharp branch scrapes my cheek pierced and stunned i frailly ask was debt repaid? slowly i am spurned the branch had snapped in the clearing light is low and lower near the sulking brush i lay down my things i would bleed into the earth if it would not break the silence i would enter the ground if it would not make it warm
4. Ice Knell 04:20
you realize your hands are white your life was spent in an effort to keep ice from your face you are sinking with the moon it will go and you will stay enough lay down no branches bleed enough you realize your hands are white bells in the woods who is ringing them now? seasons will find you enough lay down no branches bleed enough
5. Hammer of Night 05:09
as the hammer of night fell i went down the hill where the forest cleared to see it touch the snow like a barrel i strained to see the shape it moaned but would not be seen when the light was gone i went to where it had struck a pit of ice had sunken footholds smoothed from the walls a hole aimed up like a black pupil too deep to see with blue rippled walls the air slid down where the hammer of night fell i lit a fire and felt the dusting snow beside me the flakes slid in i fell asleep by the pit of ice soon i was climbing steps in a garden with the smell of wet mud toward a bull with no eyes 
6. Cabin Filled with Smoke and Flies 06:46
  on a day when the grey sky hangs
like the space between two boats
the cabin fills with smoke
my fire breathes and spits

as pines with lifted nets
stand cemetery solid in the snow

i never knew a word for this
the terror of the day

the cabin creaks and moans
the heart is in the air

from unseen holes, the flies

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